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Home / Office Civilian CQB (Close Quarter Battle)




5 Hours

About the Course

What is CQB?

CQB stands for Close Quarter Battle. This course prepares you to tactically respond to threats inside your home, office, or other location where you could find yourself face to face with a threat in close proximity.

In this course you will learn how to move and use your environment to your advantage. You will learn the best tactics for defending yourself and loved ones while ultimately moving and getting “off the X” to safety.

In this course you will learn:

  • Tactical Mindset

  • Threat Identification

  • Pre-Planning

  • Movement Tactics

  • Low Light and No Light Tactics

  • Defensive Firearms usage in Unconventional Positions

Your Instructor

Tom F.

Tom F.

Tom has been an armed professional for the past two decades and has been a firearms instructor for the past 10 years. Outside of being an instructor, his background is in Law Enforcement and high level Executive / Dignitary Protection Operations serving as operations director and team leader in various high profile and high risk details - domestically and internationally. Tom has achieved certifications as an Anti-Terrorism Specialist, Forensic Investigator, and numerous other industry specific accolades. In 2013, Tom launched a security and investigations firm offering executive level protective services in several states throughout the United States.

While still working in the private sector, Tom founded SKILLSET Defense Academy to bring his training and experience to our students and has built a cadre of world class instructors to teach alongside him. His goal with SKILLSET is to bring his skills and the skill set's of other top tier instructors under one roof to maximize the training and knowledge delivered to students.

Tom is an NRA instructor, a NRA Range Safety Officer, a USCCA defensive firearms instructor, and a P.O.S.T certified Tactical Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (Peace Officer Standards and Training). He holds additional instructor certifications in workplace violence prevention, Active Shooter Response, and has been featured in numerous publications discussing safety, security, and home defense.

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