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Choosing Success

SKILLSET Defense Academy was founded to bring industry leading instructors to the public. At SKILLSET Defense Academy there are no egos. Our instructor team does not need to posture or flex - for us it's about our students. Our mission is to use our experience to prepare you for real world scenarios and we achieve this through Reality Based Training.  We teach you the tools that will help ensure your success if ever faced with a dynamic critical incident requiring that you respond defensively. For us, its important that you not only understand how, but also why we train the way we do. Our student to instructor ratios ensure that an experienced set of eyes are always watching to offer positive feedback as we help you develop and expand your skills.


Don't just be a student in a seat. Choose a training team that cares about your success. Choose a team that makes you part of their tribe. The journey into becoming proficient with any skill expands beyond more than just a few hours at the range. Find a team that you want to continue to build your knowledge with...

a team that is motivated to train you properly.


Your life may one day depend on it. 


To view information about our instructor's, check out the Team by clicking here

Headquartered in San Diego, SKILLSET Defense Academy offers courses throughout California. Don't live in California? No problem. All SKILLSET courses are offered nationwide during our Training Tours. E-mail us to request a course in your city.


Stay Safe.  

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